Where to Find the Perfect Dog House Plans?

It is not that easy to find building plans for a proper dog house, most of the time large local hardware stores provide all kind of building plans for small DIY jobs in and around the house, but we found out by experience that almost none have dog house plans available. So, what is the best place to find the perfect plan to build a dog house for your dog.

Building a proper dog house seems like a fairly simple DIY job but it is in fact a bit more than that, it is the place where your dog needs to sleep in any kind of whether, so it needs to be dry, not to hot in summer and not to cold in winter, and your dog should be able to sleep without any draft, it should be safe so a pointy roof is out of the question because that attracts wasps and hornets to nest and it should be easy to clean.

When you look at all of the demands that should be incorporated in proper dog house plans you realise that the typical Pluto style dog houses are not suited for a outdoor dog. You need to invest some time in finding the right dog house plan for your dog and the climate you live in. And if you like to make a family project out it, you can, with the proper preparation, build it in one or two weekends.

Finding dog house plans that fit your needs.

As we said before most hardware stores can not help you with good dog house plans and you can try it at your local library but we do not give you much change to find it there either. In fact a good place to find the perfect dog house plans is right here on the internet, the internet can provide you with plans, advise and you can meet other dog owners who have already build a dog house from a plan before.

Some websites will give their plans away for free other websites ask a, most of the time, reasonable price for the plan just like the plans you can buy in a hardware store. But you will be able to see the dog houses as a drawing and with pictures. Read all the specifications and look at what other dog owners experienced when they build a dog house according these plans.

When you have made your choice you need to read the list of materials and tools and make sure that you have everything before you start building.

Criteria for proper dog house plans

Not a pointy Pluto style roof but a slightly sloped roof, water can drain away and your dog can also sit or lay on the roof. For practical reasons the roof should be on hinges so it is accessible for cleaning.

The floor of the dog house should be of the ground so cold and moisture can not enter the floor.
Removable wind wall against draft and so the dog is able to heat the sleeping area with it’s own body heat. The size of the area should be adjusted for your size dog.
the dog house plans should also have an insulation plan to help the dog maintain a good temperature

There are many websites that have dog house plans, do not immediately go for the free ones there are some dog house plans that will cost you about $30 but actually worth twice the money. You make a dog house for many many years, so it is wise to invest some time and money to make sure that your dog is comfortable and you have an easy job cleaning and maintaining the dog house.

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